Since its inception, Aetos has supported the technology hardware needs of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) Education. We established a program under our corporate umbrella called ProjectTREE™ (Technology Recycling for Excellence in Education). Through ProjectTREE, we work with Government and Industry partners to recycle computer equipment, which might otherwise be discarded, into usable computer labs for schools and non-profit organizations. 

ProjectTREE was originally conceived as a way to provide free or low-cost computer labs for schools; however, with the current trend in education toward mobile devices and 1-to-1 access, recent projects have focused on other community needs, such as providing computer access to those seeking job training. ProjectTREE demonstrates our ability to identify an opportunity for innovation and develop a technical solution from concept to completion; managing budgets, risk, technical challenges, cost, and schedules, while integrating multiple functions, and skill levels. The successful creation of the ProjectTREE program exemplifies our innovative ability.