Information Technology

Aetos provides IT solutions services for all levels of enterprise structure, including enterprise strategy, network architecture support, application/database development, IT Security and IT Operations support. 

Aetos supports the development of comprehensive 5-Year Integrated Information Technology Plans, considering customer requirements and technology evolution through investment. This includes Trade Study Generation processes for analyzing alternatives.  Aetos also supports business cases and strategy white paper development.

Aetos’ Certified EAs use enterprise architecture, systems engineering, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) principles and frameworks to develop, assess, and improve processes. This involves creating concepts of operation, context diagrams, process flow diagrams, and use cases to fully describe the interactions among performers, resources, data, and constraining policy and guidance. Architecture models representing performer activities, system and service relationships, and data relationships are also developed when needed to elaborate the process descriptions.  In addition, Aetos supports daily operations, incident response, and Tier IV helpdesk activities.